Are you hot under the collar?

Boy I am! šŸ™‚ No I’m not mad about anything. I’m hot!

Am I leading up to reporting miraculous sales? Only in my dreams.

So just a quick update. I’m not rocking the ebook shelves. I wish I was as cool as my sales! They’re frigid!

No worries. This is an experiment remember? First we see how it does. So far it’s still not in any big name places, but hopefully by next week it will be. Then we’ll examine how it’s doing.

Until then, keep cool. It’s hot out there.


About Tru Night

About the author: Tru Night writes short sweet romances for time crunched readers. She also dabbles in graphics and makes her own book covers. Nature walks with her family give her inspiration for both. Whatever she's doing her little dog is stuck like glue to her side. They both enjoy a quiet evening to curl up and read.

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  1. Just be thankful you aren’t itching to boot. Blah. You need to get cracking on finishing one of your longer books! Chop chop! šŸ˜‰

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